This Week on Runicfire: February 11–17, 2013

Today marks the beginning of Runicfire’s first full week of operation, and also a busy and exciting time for its author! Here’s a look at what’s in store for the next seven days:

  • I will be attending the San Francisco Writer’s Conference from Thursday through Saturday. I hope to learn a lot more about the craft and business of writing from the panels, and to find plenty of opportunities to network and promote my novel, Rosaria of Venice. I will be posting a recap of my experience next Monday, February 18th. My more immediate reactions can be found on my Twitter feed @AaronM_Miner.
  • Speaking of my novel, this Wednesday I’ll be writing about some of my historical research for Rosaria of Venice. When you’re writing a steampunk alternate-history version of 15th-century Italy starring a Renaissance woman, you need to do your homework. And researching the Italian Renaissance is very fun homework.
  • And on Friday… a little treat to my early readers!
Stay tuned!

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