Status Update and Announcements

It has been a while since I have posted, and I would like to apologize for my absence. The Kickstarter campaign and its aftermath took a lot out of me; however, I still feel that my hiatus should have had more planning involved. Fortunately, not only was the Kickstarter campaign successful, but I have learned a few things about my operational limits.
As I turn my attention to revising Rosaria of Venice in earnest, I will resume updates on Runicfire. They will, however, be less frequent than before. I will commit to one post a week while I am in the middle of revising, with additional updates if I have time. Some of these will be essays, and others will be the usual Monday link round-ups. I plan to return to my original schedule of three updates per week—however, as I enter my last year before earning my bachelor’s, fulfill the Kickstarter rewards and look for a day job, it may be some time before I can return to that schedule.

I’d like to thank any regular readers for your patronage and your patience, and I’m looking forward to getting the blog rolling again.

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