Back Online, With More Adjustments on the Way is finally back online, although I am still making adjustments. I am reposting my original update from Rosariabooks, as it applies to readers of the blog as well. You may read the original post here.

Rosariabooks is back online, finally, though there’s still much work to do. Migrating the old content to the new system all but broke the website, and at last I have recovered everything and restored the site to life.

Although the site is in working order, I am still running into issues with domain redirection. I might have to take the site down again, temporarily, in order to troubleshoot this issue. Needless to say, this whole process has turned out to be a greater hassle than I had hoped it to be.

I will also be making adjustments to the website itself over the coming weeks. As you might have noticed, I’ve removed the “Newsletter” section of the site, as I haven’t been able to keep up with what I had originally intended for that feature. I hope to not abandon the feature entirely, but I do need to rethink how I approach it. At present I am looking into combining it with the Rosariabooks news feed and the blog, so that I don’t have to duplicate my efforts with respect to content.

Other changes in the near future will include fine-tuning the layout of this site, making sure the mobile version is fully operational, and rebranding the site to reflect the serial nature of Rosaria of Venice. After all, I have many more books planned, and as The Sin of Prometheus’s release draws near, I want users to immediately know that not only are they getting into a series (versus an individual book), but that a new volume is on the way.

Migrating to the new system will have to wait. Right now, I need to ensure that the new Studio Kenaz LLC and Gebobooks Publishing pages are working and presentable. Moreover, fixing the redirect issue will risk breaking the site again, and I want to make sure that Runicfire, at the very least, remains online until the Gebosites (as I have dubbed the collection of pages relating to my company) are operating smoothly.

In any case, thank you very much for your patience. I hope any future adjustments will proceed more smoothly than the last, and I will keep you up to date on my progress with the website and—very soon—book updates and new blog posts. Please stay tuned!

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