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Biodiesel:An Alternative Fuel With a Foothold

Seeing the effect we’ve had on the world through industry—in particular, the burning of fossil fuels—can be depressing. With the world’s temperature increasing faster than it has in millennia, and our continued, voracious consumption of our rapidly depleting fossil fuels aiding that rise, despair seems the natural recourse. Nonetheless, countermeasures exist, and to my surprise …

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Monday Links: The Prison Problem, VFX Industry in the Red, and the Keystone Pipeline

This Monday’s collection of notable links covers two subjects of general importance, with one less far-reaching topic that still hits close to my heart. I recently found a thought-provoking article in Harvard Magazine, aptly titled “The Prison Problem.” The article discusses research sociologist Bruce Western which brings America’s criminal justice system into question. We imprison …

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This Week on Runicfire: March 4 – 10

This Monday we open with a set of links to articles on prison reform, the plight of the VFX industry, and the potential ramifications Obama’s pending decision on the Keystone oil pipeline may have on the environment. On Wednesday I’ll be putting up a brief piece on filmmaking. And Friday shall feature Part II on “Telling Time in the …

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