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The Cost of Making Movies: Why Film is So Expensive

As I wrote in my guest post at Cogswell College’s blog, I had the privilege of hearing a Hollywood producer discuss the process of converting a story from book to screen at this year’s San Francisco Writer’s Conference. There’s quite the demand for adaptations, apparently. As our guest said at the panel, “Everyone is looking …

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SFWC, Self-Publishing and the Second Renaissance

I just returned from the San Francisco Writer’s Conference. This is my first year in attendance, and in the aftermath I have so much to say that my thoughts render me mute. What do I feel? I think I feel like I have finally come home. The conference is of too great a scope for …

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This Week on Runicfire: Feb 18 – 24

Runicfire is entering its second week, and we have another roster of posts. Here’s what to expect: Today, Monday the 18th, I reflect on the San Francisco Writer’s Conference and the possibility of a second Renaissance. This Wednesday, the 20th, a brief post on recent developments in science. And for Friday the 22nd I explore the …

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