Mr. or Ms. Reader, I Presume! Allow Me to Introduce Myself.

Dear Reader,
Welcome to Runicfire!
You are no doubt wondering where on Earth you are, and who the blazes this bespectacled, bearded man pictured on the right sidebar happens to be. Worry not. You will have your answers soon, but be warned: you may get a tale out of the bargain.
My name is Aaron Miner. Aaron M. Miner, actually, and I’ll be damned if Blogger ever lets me display my middle initial. This is my blog. A long time ago, in 2007 or thereabouts, I thought it a fine idea to purchase a domain name and start a weblog. I lived in Vermont at the time. Vermont is called the Green Mountain State for good reason: its forests are verdant, its winters full of white powder, its autumns alive with color, and it is a beautiful place to live.
It can also be dead boring. So starting a blog for fun, whose only readers proved to be a handful of friends and the spiders in my bathroom, seemed like as good a pastime as any.
Time passed. I moved back to California, returned to school, and Runicfire fell into disarray. I never did discover how three googley-eyed arachnids acquired a better broadband connection than the one I had.1
But now, in the winter of 2013, a whole two months after the End of the World, I have returned to the blogosphere.
I am a changed man. In the intervening years, I’ve gone from a listless youngster with big dreams to a writer about to self-publish his first novel, a student on his final year of his bachelor’s, a producer/director with an animated music video under his belt, and an entrepreneur who founded a one-man animation company. Though I have much more work to do, the present is exciting, and the future is more fascinating than ever.
So, what is Runicfire?
I have thoughts. They’re a noisy bunch, and they keep hammering on the inside of my skull, screaming for me to let them out. Sometimes they escape through my mouth, but their best avenue to freedom is through my fingers. Frequently, they come out as stories. Other times, they demand a different shape. And that is what this blog is for.
Runicfire is a place for my thoughts on my craft, my profession, my life and my other passions. One day I may discuss my creative process, another I might analyze the story of a movie I watched. I might share some scrap of knowledge I obtained about the business of animation, or an oddity I discovered in my daily life. Sometimes I’ll comment on politics or current events, and other times I shall wax poetic over a new scientific discovery. And, every so often, I will share works-in-progress, or even short stories of mine in search of a home.
You could say this blog is a sounding board for me. I prefer to think of it differently: I am bound in a nutshell, and inside it lies infinite space. On the near shore of that sea of infinity lies a tiny port town, bustling with trade and tales of the beyond.
This is that port town. This is Runicfire. Welcome! And please—have a look around.

1. I’m not sure, but I swear it has something to do with their affinity for webs. 

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