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Monday Links: WiFi Paranoia, Positive Pessimism, and Ebert’s Social Catholicism

Tinfoil hats, long life and prosperity, and cardinal contemplations feature on this Monday’s links. Wi-Fi signals are harmless to the human body, so far as we know. But they can make you ill—if you think they can make you ill. The whole story is on Neuroskeptic’s blog at Discover Magazine. A National Post article features research …

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This Week On Runicfire: March 11 – 17

This Monday’s round of links talk about how thinking harmless things are harmful makes you sick, the upside of pessimism and one man’s experience of growing up Catholic. Wednesday’s post will be partly about how culture affects sense of time, but mostly about how any one culture’s understanding of being human is woefully incomplete. And Friday I unleash …

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