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A Wylde Sale Appears Yonder!

The Kindle edition of Rosaria of Venice, Book One of The Renaissance of Rosaria Adalberto, is on sale for the holidays! In the year 1491, during a steam-powered Renaissance, Rosaria Adalberto seeks a theory of electromagnetism—but finds conspiracy and intrigue instead. The Kindle ebook will sell for 99¢ on Christmas Day only, and $1.99 every day …

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Rosaria of Venice — Choosing a Cover, and the May 24th Kickstarter

I’ll be Kickstarting Rosaria of Venice, the alternate history steampunk Renaissance novel I wrote and am now revising, this month on May 25. The proceeds are to pay for cover illustrations (front and inside) as well as editing and proofreading. While I won’t be commissioning the final works until the Kickstarter campaign finishes, I have …

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