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A Wylde Sale Appears Yonder!

The Kindle edition of Rosaria of Venice, Book One of The Renaissance of Rosaria Adalberto, is on sale for the holidays! In the year 1491, during a steam-powered Renaissance, Rosaria Adalberto seeks a theory of electromagnetism—but finds conspiracy and intrigue instead. The Kindle ebook will sell for 99¢ on Christmas Day only, and $1.99 every day …

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Monday Links 08/30/15: Adultery By Any Other Name, Less-Than-Stellar Star Wars, and Steamfunk’s Sibling

It’s been a long hiatus, and woefully unplanned, but at last Runicfire returns with a new edition of Monday Links! The notion that humans are obsessed with sex is all but an axiom. Every society on earth possesses its own sets of customs and taboos regarding sexuality, with some cultivating its expression and others suppressing …

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Rosaria of Venice — Choosing a Cover, and the May 24th Kickstarter

I’ll be Kickstarting Rosaria of Venice, the alternate history steampunk Renaissance novel I wrote and am now revising, this month on May 25. The proceeds are to pay for cover illustrations (front and inside) as well as editing and proofreading. While I won’t be commissioning the final works until the Kickstarter campaign finishes, I have …

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