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Monday Link: More Herman and Chomsky, the Fermi Paradox, and a Timeline of Food

In researching some of last week’s posts, I happened upon this article reprinted on Noam Chomsky’s website. I have yet to read the report in its entirety, but it is an interesting look at both criticisms and defenses of the Herman-Chomsky propaganda model of mass media. The author (who is not Chomsky or Herman) also …

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A Taste of Propaganda in America

Have you seen this video? Shocking, isn’t it? Disturbing, no? Is it not an outrage that Fox would cave to Monsanto in such a fashion? Yet another reason not to watch Fox News. Except it isn’t just Fox. Welcome to the American propaganda machine, my friends. In their 1988 work Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy …

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The Internet vs Television: How They Affect Us, How We Affect Them

Literature on the deleterious effects of television on our minds has a long history. From garden-variety paranoia, to studies indicating an increase in passivity after viewing, to scathing social critiques like Neil Postman’s in Amusing Ourselves to Death, and literary condemnation through Bradbury’s “The Pedestrian” and Fahrenheit 451—the Box will forever live in infamy. With …

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