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A Song of Swords Sit-Down, Part III

Two weeks ago, I spoke with Zachary Irwin and James Lacombe of Opaque Industries about their upcoming tabletop fantasy roleplaying game Song of Swords, which is now being funded on Kickstarter. In Part I of the interview, we discussed the influence of historical martial arts on the game’s combat system. Part II concerned the influence of …

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Monday Link: More Herman and Chomsky, the Fermi Paradox, and a Timeline of Food

In researching some of last week’s posts, I happened upon this article reprinted on Noam Chomsky’s website. I have yet to read the report in its entirety, but it is an interesting look at both criticisms and defenses of the Herman-Chomsky propaganda model of mass media. The author (who is not Chomsky or Herman) also …

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A Taste of Propaganda in America

Have you seen this video? Shocking, isn’t it? Disturbing, no? Is it not an outrage that Fox would cave to Monsanto in such a fashion? Yet another reason not to watch Fox News. Except it isn’t just Fox. Welcome to the American propaganda machine, my friends. In their 1988 work Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy …

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